O Rings

There are many benefits to using o rings. They: – can be used in static and dynamic applications – utilize very little space – efficiently seal pressure from both directions – are available in a range of materials to suit almost any application.

We stock a large range of metric, imperial, standard and non standard sizes. If required, we can also have o rings custom made to customer requirements, whether it be for a one off or large volume quantities.


Elastomer Temperature Description
Nitrile (Buna
-40 to 110c
Best choice
for general purpose use. Resistant to petroleum oils & fuels, water, silicone
oils & greases.


-20 to 205c Suitable for
a wide range of chemicals and temperatures, acids, petroleum oils. Excellent
mechanical properties.
-40 to 120c
Good weather
& ozone resistance. Recommended for use in refrigerants.
EPDM -40 to 150c Good resistance
to hot water, steam, dilute acids & alkalis, brake fluid, phosphate esters
and alcohols.
Silicone -60 to 200c Good resistance
to hot air, ozone and has excellent electrical properties. Poor tear and
abrasion resistance.
Aflas® 0 to 200c Excellent resistance
to steam, amines, phosphate esters & oxygenated solvents.
-50 to 315c The ultimate
choice for heat & chemical resistance. Suitable for use in ethers, acids,
alkalis, solvents, ketones, amines, oxidizers and fuels.
We can supply a range of Explosive Decompression resistant compounds, including James Walkers FR58/90 and Elast-o-lion. These materials are required for applications subject to high pressure cycling, primarily in the oil and gas industry.

Neoprene®, Viton® and Kalrez® are DuPont registered trademarks. Aflas® is an Asahi Glass registered trademark.