Braided Packings

  • Carbon and Graphite

    Carbon and GraphiteTop of the range packings made from high-purity carbon or graphite yarns and/or expanded mineral graphite yarns.

  • Aramid

    AramidPackings made from either endless Aramid fibers or staple fibers, for demanding applications involving high pressure, abrasive media, etc.

  • Glass

    GlassPackings made from textured glass-fiber-yarn, either wit PTFE or graphite impregnation.

  • PTFE

    PTFEPackings made from 100% pure PTFE-multifilament-yarn, from expanded, filled ePTFE-yarn, and from graphite-incorporated PTFE-yarn. These packings have excellent thermal and chemical resistance.

  • PTFE / Aramid hybrids

    PTFE-Aramid hybridsThese packings combine the unsurpassed chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE and gPTFE with the extremely high mechanical strength of Aramid.

  • Various other packings

    Various other packingsBraided packings made from natural fibers like Ramie, synthetic fibers like Acryl, Novoloid and Polyimid, available with PTFE impregnation, lubricated with either silicone or mineral oil.